Karma… it’s a beautiful thing

From Animals Being Dicks:

Racing with otters

Source: Cute Otters

Kitteh viciously attacked

Get him! Get him!

Source: I Can Haz Cheezburger

New toy

This is posted from my new HTC Incredible.  Cause it’s not a vacation until you have a new toy.

Day 1

Resenting the hell out of the fact that I have to get out of bed today. Sabbatical not as life-changing as originally hoped. Also, learned today that there are no magical sabbatical fairies to do my dishes and laundry. Well, shit.

Opportunity Missed

From Defective Yeti:

Where is the Samosa?


12 days until my last day of work before 3 months off. Plans include Hawaii, getting dogs, and driving the convertible somewhere fun.

Sproingulence (VIDEO)

Spiciness (VIDEO)

But nothing compares to this:

BBC Dimensions – so cool

The smart folks at the BBC have taken historical and environmental events and let you put them anywhere on earth.  If you really want an idea of the scale of the Pakistan floods, see what it would look like if they were centered in Omaha.

BBC Dimensions.

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